Make Sure You're Compliant

No organisation would deliberately ignore their regulatory responsibilities and obligations – not if they were fully aware of what they were. Unfortunately research suggests seven out of ten companies are not familiar with critical regulatory minimums.

Successful businesses often concentrate on their core business whilst unaware of regulatory compliance issues and may be contravening legislation. Research indicates that many service providers may not be ensuring their own legal compliance or making clients aware of the obligations that must be satisfied.


Bioshield audit existing practices via reference to UK and European Environmental Law and Policy and report on areas requiring attention. Along with our client, we discuss the results they wish to achieve and will recommend short-term remedial actions or a visible and conspicuous programme of change.

Working With You

Bioshield work with our clients to assess existing legislation and understand forthcoming legislation. We keep our clients informed regarding developments and changes with the sole aim of ensuring they remain legally and environmentally compliant.