Innovative Bio-technology

Bio-Protective Systems represent a quantum leap forward in bio-technology services.

Our operators have access to Bioshield’s exclusive equipment and products uniquely developed with Industry specialists providing unique options and prolonged efficacy periods with bacterial-kill protection on a scale incomparable to any other process.


food retail & distribution

Simple, cost-effective processes for the sanitisation of potential food contact surfaces in shopping trolleys, transport vehicles, shipping containers or equipment, maintaining residual bio-protection.

facilities management

Bioshield provides facilities management support in the way which works best for our client’s organisation and the project in hand. Our clients are as diverse as the assignments we undertake; from large multi-nationals to smaller organisations both in the public and private sector.


Bioshield’s revolutionary bio-protective systems incorporate exclusive antimicrobial technology and specialist delivery systems developed specifically for food transportation vehicles and equipment.

We deliver a unique and proven effectiveness in eradicating bacterial growth or transfer of microbes that cause cross-contamination, odours or deterioration of food products, while providing residual efficacy and total consumer protection.

Container Biomisting

A 13m trailer or 40ft container can be treated in less than two minutes using our exclusive BioMist equipment. Our simple systems can be delivered at local level by your own staff or by our own network of operators.

Various service options are available including our unique Anti-Microbial products, enabling users to manage their own treatment frequencies.


Plant-based, non-caustic, food safe, taint & odour free


Against pathogens, bacteria, viruses and food spoilage spores


Versatile options integrate in to daily operations easily


An active, residual antimicrobial protective layer


‘Shopsafe’ is a new initiative led by Bioshield and is specifically geared to providing simple, cost-effective processes for the regular sanitisation of every type of food conveyance equipment or food contact surface maintaining residual bio-protection.

Rows of shopping trolleys can be treated in a matter of minutes, either front or rear of store, using our exclusive BioMist equipment.

Trolley Biomisting

Bioshield’s revolutionary retail-centric bio-protective systems incorporate our exclusive antimicrobial technologies and delivery systems, providing access to unique products, equipment and processess.

This delivers proven effectiveness and total consumer protection, controlling the growth or transfer of microbes that can cause sickness, odours or deterioration of products on important surfaces such as shopping trolleys and baskets.

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